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What is the full form of AAGR ? | What does AAGR stand for?

Find what does AAGR stand for and its field of usage ? is an abbreviation and acronyms dictionary. Find AAGR meaning. Full form of AAGR with definition and meaning are given below AAGR » Annual Average Growth Rate Accounting AAGR » As A General Rule Mathematics AAGR » air-to-air gunnery range Government

AAGR may be used in military operations which means air-to-air gunnery range.

AAGR » Average Annual Growth Rate US Government

Average Annual Growth Rate refers to the average increase in an individual’s portfolio or investment value over a year’s period. AAGR can be evaluated for any kind of investment, but does not include any measure of the overall risk involved in the investment, as calculated by the volatility of its price.

AAGR » All American Girl Racing

All-American Girl Racing is the only all female race team to compete in Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts (SNORE), Mohave Desert Racing (MDR), and SCORE International off-road racing events, including the treacherous Baja 500 and the infamous Baja 1000. The team is the only all girl team in off-road racing.

AAGR » Atlanta All Good Realty

Atlanta All Good Realty is a full service real estate and property management company based in Atlanta, Georgia. AAGR specializes in investment property purchases, tenant placement and property management in Metro Atlanta area.

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