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What is the full form of AAHA ? | What does AAHA stand for?

Find what does AAHA stand for and its field of usage ? is an abbreviation and acronyms dictionary. Find AAHA meaning. Full form of AAHA with definition and meaning are given below AAHA » Association Of Azerbaijan Handicraft Artists Performing Art Advertisement: AAHA » Association Of Alaska Housing Authorities Non-Profit Organization AAHA » Accessible Affordable Housing for All Community AAHA » Appleton Area Hockey Association Sports AAHA » Awaiting Action Higher Authority Military AAHA » awaiting action higher headquarters Government

awaiting action higher headquarters term is used in military.

AAHA » African Agency of Humanitarian Aid Organization

African Agency of Humanitarian Aidis a NGO based in Lusaka in Zambia.

AAHA » Association Of Alaska Housing Authorities Non-Profit Organization

The Association of Alaska Housing Authorities is a private, non-profit organization, located in Anchorage, Alaska, which works on a statewide and national basis to increase housing need awareness and the supply of quality, affordable housing and associated infrastructure in Alaska. The board of directors of AAHA includes CEOs of 14 regional housing authorities and AFHC.

AAHA » Appleton Area Hockey Association Sports

The Appleton Area Hockey Association is a Division 1 member association of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA, Region 3). AAHA is committed to developing competitive youth hockey in the Appleton, Wisconsin area. The aim of the association is to increase skater’s enjoyment of the game of hockey, advance their skills, and to help develop their character.


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