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Find what does B.TECH. stand for and its field of usage ? is an abbreviation and acronyms dictionary. Find B.TECH. meaning. Full form of B.TECH. with definition and meaning are given below B.TECH. » Bachelor of Technology Academic Degree

In general, the degree is awarded to those who have undertaken a degree program which is supplemented by either occupational placements (e.

B.TECH. » Bachelor of Technology Academic Degree

B.Tech is abbreviated for Bachelor of Technology.This is an undergraduate academic degree granted after completion of a three or four year program of studies at an accredited university or accredited university-level institution.The Bachelor of Technology is designed to provide candidates a foundation in programming and Information Technology fundamentals. B.Tech graduates are exposed to a broad range of topics both in IT and in other fields which provides necessary skills for employment not only in IT fields such as frontline support and system administration but also in other fields that requires IT experience like advertising, marketing, accounting and health administration.Generally, graduates become IT Professionals in fields such as business analysis, network/ systems administration, helpdesk and desktop support, technical writing and desktop publishing, testing, QA and web development. In India, IITs holds the topmost position for issuing this degree.

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