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CHL » Challis, Idaho USA Regional - Regional Airport Code Advertisement: CHL » Concealed Handgun Licence Law - Law CHL » Crown-Heel Length Medical - Hospital CHL » Central Hockey League

As of the end of its final season in 2014, three of the 30 National Hockey League teams had affiliations with the CHL, including the Dallas Stars, Minnesota Wild, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

CHL » China Telecom Hong Kong, LTD. Business - NYSE Symbol CHL » Children's HeartLink Organization - Non-Profit Organization CHL » Canton Hankow Line Government - Transportation CHL » Canadian Hockey League

The CHL schedule culminates in the Memorial Cup tournament, which sees each of the three league champions, as well as a host team, play a round-robin tournament to determine a national champion.

CHL » China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd. Business - NASDAQ Symbol China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd. is symbolized as CHL which falls under Public Utilities sector of Telecommunications Equipment industry. The market share of CHL is $250.78 billion as in mid 2015.CHL » Children's HeartLink Organization - Non-Governmental Organization CHL stands for Children's HeartLink NGO, located in Minneapolis, United States. CHL » Children's HeartLink Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Advertisement: Children's HeartLinkis a NGO based in Minneapolis, United States.
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