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IGT » International Game Technology Business - NYSE Symbol Advertisement: IGT » In Good Taste Internet - Internet Slang IGT » Insomniac Goo Theatre Community - Community IGT » Independent Gospel Team Religion - Religious IGT » International Game Technology Business - NASDAQ Symbol International Game Technology is symbolized as IGT which falls under Consumer Services sector of Services-Misc. Amusement & Recreation industry. Since its IPO listing from 2015 the market share of IGT has grew to $3.09 billion till mid 2015.IGT » In Good Taste Internet - Internet Slang IGT means In Good Taste which is an internet slang.IGT » Institute of General Semantics Organization - Non-Governmental Organization NGO Institute of General Semantics may be abbreviated as IGT which is located in Des Plaines, United States. IGT » integrated Government testing Military - Government integrated Government testing term is used in military. IGT » Irrawaddy Green Towers Communications - Telecommunications IGT » Iroquois Gas Transmission Industry - Firm IGT » The Image Group of Toledo Business - Marketing Advertisement:
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IHBC IHD IHT IL ILFE ILMS ILW ILWS IMD IMechE IML IMP IMPACT IMT IN IND(G) INDG INNS What is the full form of IGT ?Meaning of IGTWhat does IGT mean?

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