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Find what does O.T.R. stand for and its field of usage ? is an abbreviation and acronyms dictionary. Find O.T.R. meaning. Full form of O.T.R. with definition and meaning are given below O.T.R. » Over The Road Military O.T.R. » On The Road Education

The idea for On the Road, Kerouac's second novel, was formed during the late 1940s in a series of notebooks, and then typed out on a continuous reel of paper during three weeks in April 1951.

O.T.R. » Off The Road Transportation

Off the Road begins in the initial stages of Kerouac and Neal Cassady's friendship, when Kerouac was a struggling author trying to publish his first novel (1950's The Town and the City), and documents important moments in the beat movement such as the success of On the Road and Allen Ginsberg's "Howl.

O.T.R. » Off The Record Media O.T.R. » One Touch Record Computer Database O.T.R. » Over The Rainbow Music

About five minutes into the film, Dorothy sings the song after failing to get her aunt and uncle to listen to her relate an unpleasant incident involving her dog, Toto, and the town spinster, Miss Gulch.

O.T.R. » On The Rocks Food O.T.R. » Otr Express Inc AMEX Symbol O.T.R. » Oakland Terminal Railway Regional Railroad

The OTR interchanged with the ATSF near the Southern Pacific 16th Street Station in Oakland.

O.T.R. » Office Of Technology Resources Military O.T.R. » Oceanic Transition Route Transportation
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