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SC » Subcutaneous Medical - Oncology Advertisement: SC » Santa Clarita Regional - Regional SC » Santa Cruz Regional - Regional SC » San Clemente Medical - Physiology SC » Subcutaneous Medical - Physiology SC » South Carolina Regional - State

South Carolina was the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation.

SC » Supreme Court Government - US Government SC » Seychelles Regional - Countries

Seychelles (i/se????lz/ say-SHELZ; French: [s???l]), officially the Republic of Seychelles (French: République des Seychelles; Creole: Repiblik Sesel), is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

SC » StarCraft Hobbies - Hobby

Set in a fictitious timeline during the Earth's 25th century, the game revolves around three species fighting for dominance in a distant part of the Milky Way galaxy known as the Koprulu Sector: the Terrans, humans exiled from Earth skilled at adapting to any situation; the Zerg, a race of insectoid aliens in pursuit of genetic perfection, obsessed with assimilating other races; and the Protoss, a humanoid species with advanced technology and psionic abilities, attempting to preserve their civilization and strict philosophical way of living from the Zerg.

SC » Source Code Computing - Computer Software

Source Code received positive reviews from film critics and became a box office success, grossing over $147 million worldwide.

SC » Shopping Center Business - Business Advertisement:

As traders moved into more spacious shops in the early 19th century, high streets developed; but wealthier people (who could afford to travel to city centres for pleasure) started wanting shelter from rain, so shopping arcades were developed.

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