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UF » Ultrahigh Frequency (indication on TV set) Academic & Science - Electronics Advertisement: UF » Ultra- Filtration Academic & Science - Electronics UF » Head of investigation (Untersuchungsführer) Government - Nazi Regime UF » University of Florida Academic & Science - University UF » Used For Government - US Government UF » Use For Business - Business UF » User Friendly Computing - Computing UF » Unidad De Fomento International - Spanish UF » Undocumented Features Government - US Government UF » Ultimate Force Government - Military UF » Underground Feeder Business - Business Product Advertisement:
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UFAS UfH UFS UHI UHIE UHM UHPC UIT UKAPIS UKCCRA UKCG UKCIP UKCP UKCP09 UKTA UL ULS Uniclass What is the full form of UF ?Meaning of UFWhat does UF mean?

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