What does CTRX stand for?

CTRX have more than multiple meanings and one must understand the context of the text to pick out the correct definition of CTRX. Out of its multiple usage, CTRX can be used in any of the following field(s):

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CTRX » C and T Refinery Incorporated Regional - Regional Railroad Advertisement: CTRX » Catamaran Corporation Business - NASDAQ Symbol Catamaran Corporation is symbolized as CTRX which falls under Finance sector of Specialty Insurers industry. The market share of CTRX is $12.75 billion as in mid 2015.CTRX » Celtrix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Misc - CTRX » Centrex Technologies Business - Business Firm CTRX » CoTherix, Inc. Misc - CTRX » Center-X Coordinate Academic & Science - Mathematics More full forms :
CTRZ CTS. What is the full form of CTRX ? CTRX can be expanded as Center-X CoordinateWhat does CTRX mean? Meaning of CTRX is Center-X Coordinate 

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