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Find what does AADA stand for and its field of usage ? is an abbreviation and acronyms dictionary. Find AADA meaning. Full form of AADA with definition and meaning are given below AADA » Australian Automobile Dealers Association Business AADA » Abbreviated Antibiotic Drug Application Laboratory AADA » Australian Antique Dealers Association Performing Art AADA » Association For Adult Development And Aging Non-Profit Organization AADA » Asians Against Domestic Abuse Non-Profit Organization AADA » Adjusted Attributable Deposit Amount Accounting AADA » Affordable Acquisition Decision Aid Business AADA » Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis

The journal seeks to transform data analysis into a competent tool for scientific research and engineering applications, and to distinguish it from mere data processing.

AADA » Agir Autrement pour le Developpement en Afrique Organization AADA stands for Agir Autrement pour le Developpement en Afrique NGO which is situated in Ziguinchor in Senegal. AADA » Australian Automobile Dealers Association Professional Organizations

AADA represents and promotes the interests of members of the retail motor dealer industry. It is located at MTA House 39 Brisbane Ave, Barton ACT 2600. The association fights to improve operating conditions for dealership members across the country. AADA also engages, informs and educates members on various opportunities and matters impacting the industry and individual businesses.

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