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As we all know data is growing at a tremendous speed. As one study suggests, around 1 EB or one exabyte of data is created per second. Same thing applies to dictionaries too. New words, abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms are being introduced at an unprecedented rate and conventional dictionaries become more and more redundant with each day. With, it is now possible to not only discover the words hidden behind the initials but you can also understand the meaning itself. The abbreviations on FullyExpanded are provided with a brief description or definition alongwith usage reference for better comprehension.

New acronyms and their meanings are added every day and the abbreviations database is updated on a daily basis. To further ensure the credibility of the full forms, the abbreviations and their respective definitions or expanded forms are collected directly from scholarly articles, governmental and banking websites and documents and other authority resources. For internet and slang words several millions of chats, tweets, posts and online conversations are explored firstly by our AI algorithm, thereafter by human moderators.

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