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MPL » Museum Puri Lukisan Community - Museum Advertisement:

The Puri Lukisan Museum (Indonesian: Museum Puri Lukisan) is the oldest art museum in Bali which specialize in modern traditional Balinese paintings and wood carvings.

MPL » Marginal Product Of Labor Business - Business MPL » Multi-platform Launcher Government - Military MPL » Mccartney Publishing Limited Business - Business Firm MPL » Mozilla Public License Computing - Computing

It has undergone two revisions,[8] most recently to version 2.

MPL » Minneapolis Public Library Academic & Science - Library MPL » Montpellier, France Regional - Regional Airport Code MPL » Message Passing Library Computing - Computer Networking MPL » Minnesota Paintball League Sports - Sports MPL » Maspar Programming Language Computing - Computing Advertisement:
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MPLA MPLB MPLC MPLD MPLE MPLM MPLN MPLS MPLSM MPLT MPLX MPM What is the full form of MPL ? MPL can be expanded as Manufacturing Part ListWhat does MPL mean? Meaning of MPL is Manufacturing Part List 

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