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HES » Household Economic Survey Government - US Government Advertisement: HES » Hazard Elimination And Safety Government - US Government HES » High Energy Supplement Food - Food HES » hydroxyethyl starch Misc - Misc

Hydroxyethyl starch (HES/HAES) is a nonionic starch derivative.

HES » Hess Corporation Business - NASDAQ Symbol Hess Corporation is symbolized as HES which falls under Energy sector of Integrated oil Companies industry. The market share of HES is $18.49 billion as in mid 2015.HES » Harlem Episcopal School Organization - Non-Governmental Organization HES stands for Harlem Episcopal School NGO, located in New York, United States. HES » History of Economics Society Organization - Non-Governmental Organization History of Economics Society NGO is located in Louisville in United States. HES » hardcopy exploitation segment Military - Government HES stands for hardcopy exploitation segment in military. HES » Hafiz Educational Soceity Organization - Non-Governmental Organization HES stands for Hafiz Educational Soceity NGO, located in Imphal East, India. HES » Hunting Energy Services Industry - Firm HES » Historic Environment Scotland Organization - Non-Profit Organization Advertisement:
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HEx HFL HFR HGCRA HGL HGT HHS HHSRS HI HIA HIAMP HID HIPS HIP's HIU HL HLA HLC What is the full form of HES ?Meaning of HESWhat does HES mean?

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