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IW » Isle of Wight Misc - Misc Advertisement:

The history of the Isle of Wight includes a brief period of time as an independent kingdom in the 15th century.

IW » Hebrew Regional - Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode

Hebrew had ceased to be an everyday spoken language somewhere between 200 and 400 CE, declining since the aftermath of the Bar Kochba War.

IW » Information Warfare Government - Military

The United States Military focus tends to favor technology, and hence tends to extend into the realms of Electronic Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Information Assurance and Computer Network Operations / Attack / Defense.

IW » Industrial Worker Business - Business Position

The newspaper was first printed in journal format in Joliet, Illinois, beginning in January 1906, incorporating "The Voice of Labor," the newspaper from the former American Labor Union which had joined the IWW, and "International Metal Worker.

IW » Imprisoning War

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Japanese: ?????? ??????, Hepburn: Zeruda no Densetsu: Toki no Okarina?) is a 1998 action-adventure video game developed by Nintendo's Entertainment Analysis and Development division for the Nintendo 64 video game console.

IW » Irregular Warfare Government - Military

Irregular warfare favors indirect and asymmetric warfare approaches, though it may employ the full range of military and other capabilities, in order to erode the adversary’s power, influence, and will.

IW » I Want .... Computing - Texting IW is short form of I Want .... used in texting.IW » Immortal War Funny - Funny Immortal War is facetious abbreviation created by some anonymous user to express Immortal War in his own words. IW » ImprovWorks Organization - Non-Governmental Organization NGO ImprovWorks may be abbreviated as IW which is located in San Francisco, United States. IW » Ivy Walls Organization - Non-Governmental Organization IW stands for Ivy Walls NGO which is situated in Bronx in United States. IW » Interact Worldwide Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Advertisement: Interact Worldwideis a NGO based in London in United Kingdom.
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