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What is the full form of P.S.P. ? | What does P.S.P. stand for?

Find what does P.S.P. stand for and its field of usage ? is an abbreviation and acronyms dictionary. Find P.S.P. meaning. Full form of P.S.P. with definition and meaning are given below P.S.P. » Paint Shop Pro Computer Software

Although often written as Paint Shop Pro, Corel's website shows the name for the product as PaintShop Pro.

P.S.P. » Play Station Portable Hobby

The PlayStation Portable was the more powerful system when launched just after the Nintendo DS in 2004.

P.S.P. » Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Physiology

Males and females are affected approximately equally and there is no racial, geographical or occupational predilection.

P.S.P. » Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Ocean Science

Also some pufferfish, including Chamaeleon puffer, contain saxitoxin, making their consumption hazardous.

P.S.P. » Personal Software Process Computing

"Personal Software Process" and "PSP" are registered service marks of the Carnegie Mellon University.

P.S.P. » Personal Software Process Business

"Personal Software Process" and "PSP" are registered service marks of the Carnegie Mellon University.

P.S.P. » Program Segment Prefix Computing

The PSP is most often used to get the command line arguments of a DOS program, for example the command "FOO.

P.S.P. » Payment Service Provider Business Firm

Typically, a PSP can connect to multiple acquiring banks, card, and payment networks.

P.S.P. » Pennsylvania State Police

The current commissioner is Colonel Marcus Brown, who replaced Frank Noonan in 2015.

P.S.P. » Pretty Special Partner Internet Slang P.S.P. is a slang used over the internet to refer Pretty Special PartnerP.S.P. » Pretty Steep Price Funny P.S.P. is a funny abbreviation of Pretty Steep Price
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