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UFS » U S Foodservice Business - NYSE Symbol Advertisement: UFS » Union For Free Students Academic & Science - University UFS » Unnumbered Frames State Computing - SMS UFS » Universal File Store Computing - Computing UFS » User File System Computing - Computing UFS » Unified File System Government - Military UFS » Universal Frame Standard Computing - Computer Networking UFS » Uday Financial Services Business - Business Firm UFS » Domtar Corporation Business - NASDAQ Symbol Domtar Corporation is symbolized as UFS which falls under Basic Industries sector of Paper industry. The market share of UFS is $2.64 billion as in mid 2015.UFS » Universidade Federal de Sergipe Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Universidade Federal de Sergipeis a NGO based in Sao Cristovao, Brazil. UFS » UNIX Military - Government Advertisement: UNIX term is used in military.
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UHIE UHM UHPC UIT UKAPIS UKCCRA UKCG UKCIP UKCP UKCP09 UKTA UL ULS Uniclass UP UPC UPF uPVC What is the full form of UFS ?Meaning of UFSWhat does UFS mean?

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