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UHM » University of Hawaii at Manoa Academic & Science - University Advertisement: UHM » United Heavy Machinery Business - Business Firm UHM » Upcoming Horror Movies Media - Media UHM » Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Medical - Laboratory UHM » Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Medical - Physiology UHM » United Hospice of Macon Organization - Non-Governmental Organization UHM stands for United Hospice of Macon NGO, located in Macon, United States. UHM » United Housing Memphis Organization - Non-Governmental Organization NGO United Housing Memphis may be abbreviated as UHM which is located in Memphis, United States. UHM » Urban Harmony Movement Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Urban Harmony Movementis a NGO based in San Francisco, United States. UHM » University of Hawaii at Manoa Education - Institution UHM » Unique Heritage Media Business - Marketing UHM » Upcountry History Museum Organization - Organization Advertisement:
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UHPC UIT UKAPIS UKCCRA UKCG UKCIP UKCP UKCP09 UKTA UL ULS Uniclass UP UPC UPF uPVC UR URBAN What is the full form of UHM ?Meaning of UHMWhat does UHM mean?

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