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ABFC » Advanced Base Functional Component System Military - Government Advertisement: ABFC stands for Advanced Base Functional Component System in military. ABFC » Alaska Boreal Forest Council Misc - The Alaska Boreal Forest Council promotes sustainable communities and economies in Interior Alaska through boreal forest education, community-assisted research and information exchange. Through inclusive forums, programs and services, it works to present and discuss all sides of an issue so that people have the information they need to make their own decisions.ABFC » American Board of Forensic Counselors Misc - The American Board of Forensic Counselors is an Advisory Board under the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute. Forensic counselors of ABFC specialize in the area of criminal justice counseling and evaluation, in both correctional and community-based settings. ABFC » American Benedictine Formation Conference Misc - ABFC » Akshay's Biggest Fan Club Misc - ABFC » Advance Base Functional Component Misc - ABFC » Australian Bike Friday Club Misc - ABFC » Advanced Base Functional Component Government - Military More full forms :
ABH ABHES ABHORRED ABHP ABHR ABHRS ABI What is the full form of ABFC ? ABFC can be expanded as Advanced Base Functional ComponentWhat does ABFC mean? Meaning of ABFC is Advanced Base Functional Component 

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