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AFC » Average Fixed Cost Business - Accounting Advertisement: AFC » American Football Conference Sports - Sports AFC » Arsenal Football Club Misc - Misc Arsenal's success has been particularly consistent: the club has accumulated the second most points in English top-flight football, hold the ongoing record for the longest uninterrupted period in the top flight, and would be placed first in an aggregated league of the entire 20th century.AFC » Automatic Frequency Control Government - Military AFC » Automatic Frequency Control Academic & Science - Ocean Science AFC » Automatic Frequency Control Media - Media AFC » Association Football Club Sports - Sports AFC » AllMerica Financial Corporation Business - NYSE Symbol AFC » Average Frustrated Chump Funny - Funny AFC » Automatic Fare Collection Government - Transportation Advertisement:
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AFCC AFCCC AFCCE AFCD AFCDC AFCE AFCESA AFCF AFCI AFCLU AFCM AFCON AFCP What is the full form of AFC ? AFC can be expanded as Affordable, Fast, CompleteWhat does AFC mean? Meaning of AFC is Affordable, Fast, Complete 

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