What does AMC stand for?

AMC have more than multiple meanings and one must understand the context of the text to pick out the correct definition of AMC. Out of its multiple usage, AMC can be used in any of the following field(s):

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AMC » Army Materiel Command Government - Military Advertisement: AMC » Army Materiel Command Academic & Science - Meteorology AMC » Asset Management Company Business - Stock Exchange AMC » Albany Medical College Academic & Science - University AMC » American Multi Cinema Media - Media AMC » American Movie Classics Misc - Misc AMC is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by AMC Networks.AMC » Annual Maintenance Contract Business - Business AMC » American Motors Corporation Business - Business Firm AMC » Advanced Mezzanine Card Computing - Hardware AMC » American Music Center Business - Business Firm Advertisement:
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AMCOM AMCON AMCP AMCPM-SMK-T AMCRF AMCS AMCT AMCU AMD What is the full form of AMC ? AMC can be expanded as Coastal Minesweeper (Auxiliary, Minesweeper, Coastal)What does AMC mean? Meaning of AMC is Coastal Minesweeper (Auxiliary, Minesweeper, Coastal) 

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