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AMOS » AMEX Options Switching System Business - Business Advertisement: AMOS » Automated Meteorological Observing System Academic & Science - Ocean Science AMOS » Automated Meteorological Observing System Academic & Science - Meteorology AMOS » Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Misc - AMOS publishes the bi-monthly Bulletin of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, and quarterly the scientific journal The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal.AMOS » Airspace Management Omnibus Study Government - Military AMOS » Ammunition Outload System Government - Military AMOS » Agency Maui Optical Site Government - Military AMOS » Advanced Research Projects Agency Long Range Tracking and Instrumentation Radar Government - Military AMOS » Acoustic Meteorological Observing System Military - Government In military, Acoustic Meteorological Observing System is abbreviated as Acoustic Meteorological Observing System. AMOS » Automatic Message Operating Scheduling Program Military - Government Advertisement: Automatic Message Operating Scheduling Program term is used in military.
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AMP. What is the full form of AMOS ? AMOS can be expanded as Affordable Modular Optimized SatelliteWhat does AMOS mean? Meaning of AMOS is Affordable Modular Optimized Satellite 

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