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APL » Applied Physics Laboratory Academic & Science - Ocean Science Advertisement: APL » American President Lines Misc - APL operates a containership fleet, including 153 container vessels.APL » Animal Planet Live Misc - The online version featuring animals in different parts of the world through live cameras is currently functional.APL » programming language Misc - The earliest programming languages preceded the invention of the digital computer and were used to direct the behavior of machines such as Jacquard looms and player pianos.APL » Apple Food - Food APL » Nampula airport Regional - Regional Airport Code APL is an IATA code of Nampula airport in Mozambique. APL » A Programming Language Military - Government APL may be used in military operations which means A Programming Language. APL » associative programming language Military - Government APL stands for associative programming language in military. APL » average picture level Military - Government average picture level term is used in military. APL » Auxiliary Personnel Lighter Military - Government Advertisement: In military, Auxiliary Personnel Lighter is abbreviated as Auxiliary Personnel Lighter.
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APLS APLSS APLU APLUSI APLX APM What is the full form of APL ? APL can be expanded as anterior pulmonary leafletWhat does APL mean? Meaning of APL is anterior pulmonary leaflet 

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