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AWF » African Wildlife Foundation Organization - Non-Profit Organization Advertisement: When founded in 1961, the purpose was to train Africans to maintain game reserves professionally, ensuring an adequate supply of game for hunters on safari.AWF » American Wrestling Federation Sports - Sports AWF » Asian Women's Fund Organization - Non-Profit Organization AWF » Adaptive Website Framework Internet - Internet AWF » Alliance World Fellowship Religion - Religious AWF » Alternative Work Force Business - Business Firm AWF » Artail Wrestling Federation Sports - Sports AWF » Alliance World Dealer Government Fund II Business - NYSE Symbol AWF » Animal Welfare Foundation (of the BVA) Medical - Veterinary AWF » Australasian Wrestling Federation Misc - Advertisement: Bownds is regarded as one of the most talented wrestlers in Australia, being the ace of the AWF promotion promotions and headlining for many other independents across Australia.
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AWIC AWIPS AWIS AWJ AWK AWKS AWKU AWKUM AWL What is the full form of AWF ? AWF can be expanded as Akademia Wychowania FizycznegoWhat does AWF mean? Meaning of AWF is Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego 

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