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BLR » Business And Legal Reports Media - Media Advertisement: BLR » Base Lending Rate Business - Accounting BLR » Browning Lever Rifle Government - Military BLR » Breach Loading Rifle Law - Law BLR » Breach Loading Rifle Government - Military BLR » Buyer Lessee Renter Business - Business BLR » Bellevue Literary Review Misc -

The Bellevue Literary Review has published the works of Charles Bukowski, Philip Levine, Sharon Olds, David Lehman, Eamon Grennan, Julia Alvarez, Rick Moody, Hal Sirowitz, Charles Barber, Peter Selgin, Amy Hempel, Stephen Dixon, Virgil Suarez, Sheila Kohler, and Jacob M.

BLR » Bourg la Reine Misc -

Bourg-la-Reine is a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris, France.

BLR » Bangalore airport Regional - Regional Airport Code BLR is an IATA code of Bangalore airport in India. BLR » baseline restorer Military - Government Advertisement: baseline restorer term is used in military.
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BLS BLSI What is the full form of BLR ? BLR can be expanded as Bank Loan RatingWhat does BLR mean? Meaning of BLR is Bank Loan Rating 

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