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CRIS » Community Resources And Information For Seniors Community - Community Advertisement: CRIS » Code Reduced Instruction Set Computing - Computing CRIS » Country Response Information System Medical - Hospital CRIS » Community Resource Information System Community - Community CRIS » Chicagoland Radio Information Service Media - Media CRIS » Carrier Route Information System Misc - USPS CRIS » Carrier Route Information System Computing - Telecom CRIS » Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme Computing - Computer Software CRIS » Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme Government - Police CRIS » County Road Inventory System Government - Transportation Advertisement:
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CRISIL CRISP CRISTAL CRIT CRITERIA CRITICISM CRIWG CRIX What is the full form of CRIS ? CRIS can be expanded as Common Relex Information SystemWhat does CRIS mean? Meaning of CRIS is Common Relex Information System 

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