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CSC » Confédération des Syndicats Chrétiens Unioins - Union Advertisement: CSC » Civil Service Commission Government - FBI File

In Fiji for example, the PSC reviews government statutory powers to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in meeting public sector management objectives.

CSC » Computer Sciences Corporation Business - NYSE Symbol CSC » Computer Sciences Corporation Government - Military CSC » Computer Sciences Corporation Government - NASA

In September 2009, when Xerox acquired Affiliated Computer Services, CSC became the only remaining major "hardware vendor independent" IT Service provider with headquarters and major operations in the US.

CSC » Customer Service Center Business - Business CSC » Cablevision Systems Corporation Business - Business Firm CSC » Card Security Code Computing - Computer Security CSC » Computer Security Center Government - Military CSC » Canadian Society for Chemistry Business - Professional Organizations Advertisement:

It awards fellowships (post-nominal FCIC) and honorary fellowships (post-nominal HFCIC).

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CSCA CSCB CSCC CSCCB CSCE CSCF What is the full form of CSC ? CSC can be expanded as Chloro-SluoroCarbonWhat does CSC mean? Meaning of CSC is Chloro-SluoroCarbon 

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