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DHC » De Havilland Canada Misc - Advertisement:

The aircraft company was created in 1928 by the British de Havilland Aircraft Company to build Moth aircraft for the training of Canadian airmen, and subsequently after the Second World War, designed and produced indigenous designs.

DHC » District Heating And Cooling Business - Business Firm DHC » Dance Hall Crashers Business - Business Position DHC » Daigaku Honyaku Center Misc -

Originally started in Japan as a translation center, DHC Corporation ventured into other enterprises and is now a leading manufacturer of cosmetics, vitamins, healthy foods, and lingerie.

DHC » Dream Hope Challenge Law - Law DHC » Delaware Housing Coalition Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Delaware Housing Coalition NGO is located in Dover in United States. DHC » Delta Health Care Organization - Non-Governmental Organization NGO Delta Health Care may be abbreviated as DHC which is located in Stockton, United States. DHC » data handling center Military - Government data handling center term is used in military. DHC » Deer's Head Center Medical - Hospital Deer's Head Center hospital is situated in Salisbury in Maryland in USA. DHC » Denver Health Clinic Medical - Hospital Advertisement: DHC stands for Denver Health Clinic hospital, situated in Winter Park in Colorado in USA.
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DHCCQ DHCD DHCP DHCR DHCS DHD What is the full form of DHC ? DHC can be expanded as Duty, Honor, CourageWhat does DHC mean? Meaning of DHC is Duty, Honor, Courage 

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