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DOS » Department of State Business - International Business Advertisement: DOS » Denial Of Service Computing - Computer Driver DOS » Date of surgery Medical - Physiology DOS » Day of Supply Government - Military DOS » Department of State Academic & Science - Ocean Science DOS » Disk Operating System Computing - Computer Driver

In the early days of microcomputers, computer memory space was often limited, so the disk operating system was an extension of the operating system.

DOS » Department of State Government - Military DOS » Department of State Government - US Government DOS » Department of State Misc - Misc

The Department is headquartered in the Harry S Truman Building located at 2201 C Street, NW, a few blocks away from the White House in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, D.

DOS » Department of State Academic & Science - Meteorology Advertisement:
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DOSA DOSEL DOSES DOSF DOSH DOSHIDOSHI DOSIM DOSL DOSM DOSP What is the full form of DOS ? DOS can be expanded as Department of State (U.S.)What does DOS mean? Meaning of DOS is Department of State (U.S.) 

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