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EDC » Export Development Corporation Business - International Business Advertisement: EDC » Exhibitor Designated Contractor Business - Business EDC » European Documentation Centre Business - Business Firm

A European Documentation Centre (EDC) is a body designated by the European Commission to collect and disseminate publications of the European Union for the purposes of research and education.

EDC » Error Detection and Correction Government - Military EDC » Estimated Date Of Confinement Law - Law EDC » Error Detecting Code Computing - Computer Software EDC » Engineering Data Control Business - Business EDC » Electronic Digital Computer Computing - Hardware EDC » Error Detection Circuit Computing - Computing EDC » Estimated Date of Completion Government - Military Advertisement:
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EDCA EDCB EDCC EDCD EDCE EDCF EDCG EDCI EDCJ EDCK EDCL What is the full form of EDC ? EDC can be expanded as Endocrine Disrupting ChemicalWhat does EDC mean? Meaning of EDC is Endocrine Disrupting Chemical 

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