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FBR » Federated Banking Of Rochester Business - Business Firm Advertisement: FBR » Friedman Billings Ramsey Business - Business Firm

The company announced severe losses related to its underperforming mortgage platform and widespread problems in subprime mortgage lending, which led to a sale of ownership in FBR's subprime subsidiary First NLC Financial Services, Inc in the summer of 2007.

FBR » Friedman Billings Ramsey Group Business - NYSE Symbol FBR » Foundation for Biomedical Research Medical - Veterinary

Companies Jackson Laboratory Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

FBR » Finite Basis Representation Academic & Science - Mathematics FBR » Fast Bone Regeneration Medical - Physiology FBR » Free Born Riderz Government - Transportation FBR » Fouled-up Beyond Repair Government - Military FBR » Free Burma Rangers Misc -

FBR trains teams of men and women in frontline medical treatment and reconnaissance techniques.

FBR » Federal Board of Revenue Government - Government Advertisement:

The Federal Board of Revenue (more commonly known by its initials as FBR) is the semi-autonomous, supreme federal agency of Pakistan that is responsible for auditing, enforcing and collecting revenue for the government of Pakistan.

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FBRC FBRK FBS-B FBS FBSA FBSBR FBSD FBSEM FBSM FBSP What is the full form of FBR ? FBR can be expanded as Fedral Board of RevenueWhat does FBR mean? Meaning of FBR is Fedral Board of Revenue 

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