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FOT » Free On Truck Government - Transportation Advertisement: FOT » Follow-on Operational Test Government - Military FOT » Fans Of Tenchi Funny - Funny FOT » Foundations Of Technology Academic & Science - University FOT » Fell Off A Truck Internet - Internet Slang FOT » Forster, New South Wales, Australia Regional - Regional Airport Code FOT » Truetype font styles file (installed font) Computing - File Extension FOT » Fresh Off of the Truck Government - Military FOT » Food for Other Tennesseans Organization - Non-Profit Organization FOT » frequency of optimum transmission Misc - Advertisement:

The FOT is usually the most effective frequency for ionospheric reflection of radio waves between two specified points on Earth.

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FOTB FOTC FOTD FOTE FOTGR FOTL FOTM FOTO FOTOMMM FOTP What is the full form of FOT ? FOT can be expanded as Field Operational TestWhat does FOT mean? Meaning of FOT is Field Operational Test 

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