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HAS » Hco Area Secretary Religion - Religious Advertisement: HAS » Height Adjustable Stand Computing - Hardware HAS » Hail, Saudi Arabia Regional - Regional Airport Code HAS » Herriko Alderdi Sozialista International - Spanish HAS » Hail airport Regional - Regional Airport Code HAS is an IATA code of Hail airport in Saudi Arabia. HAS » Hasbro, Inc. Business - NASDAQ Symbol Hasbro, Inc. is symbolized as HAS which falls under Consumer Non-Durables sector of Recreational Products/Toys industry. The market share of HAS is $9.61 billion as in mid 2015.HAS » Hospital Albert Schweitzer Organization - Non-Governmental Organization NGO Hospital Albert Schweitzer may be abbreviated as HAS which is located in Sarasota, United States. HAS » Houston Audubon Society Organization - Non-Governmental Organization NGO Houston Audubon Society may be abbreviated as HAS which is located in Argyle, United States. HAS » hardened aircraft shelter Military - Government hardened aircraft shelter term is used in military. HAS » hazard analysis summary Military - Government Advertisement: HAS may be used in military operations which means hazard analysis summary.
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HASA HASAP HASAWA HASB HASC HASCAS HASCII HASD HASE HASG HASH HASHD HASHIA HASI What is the full form of HAS ? HAS can be expanded as HaysWhat does HAS mean? Meaning of HAS is Hays 

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