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HCC » Human-Centered Computing Computing - Computing Advertisement:

Human-centered computing researchers and practitioners usually come from one or more of disciplines such as computer science, human factors, sociology, psychology, cognitive science, anthropology, communication studies, graphic design and industrial design.

HCC » Hibbing Community College Misc -

Hibbing Technical College also was created to serve the Hibbing area.

HCC » Hagerstown Community College Misc -

Recent Developments: In 2012-2013, HCC renovated three instructional buildings and completed construction on a brand new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Building.

HCC » Howard Community College Misc -

HCC is located at 10901 Little Patuxent Parkway in Columbia, MD.

HCC » Honolulu Community College Misc -

Honolulu Community College is a public, co-educational commuter college in Honolulu, Hawai?i.

HCC » Hobby Computer Club Misc -

The HCC was inspired by the Amateur Computer Club founded in 1973 by Mike Lord.

HCC » HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. Business - NASDAQ Symbol HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. is symbolized as HCC which falls under Finance sector of Property-Casualty Insurers industry. The market share of HCC is $7.4 billion as in mid 2015.HCC » Hanna Community Center Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Hanna Community Centeris a NGO based in Lafayette in United States. HCC » Healing the Children California Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Healing the Children California NGO is located in Valencia in United States. HCC » Health Care Choices Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Advertisement: Health Care Choicesis a NGO based in New York, United States.
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HCCA HCCC HCCI HCCN HCCO HCCP HCCS HCCT What is the full form of HCC ? HCC can be expanded as Heathcare CommissionWhat does HCC mean? Meaning of HCC is Heathcare Commission 

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