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HDF » Hubble Deep Field Academic & Science - Astronomy Advertisement:

The Hubble Deep Field (HDF) is an image of a small region in the constellation Ursa Major, constructed from a series of observations by the Hubble Space Telescope.

HDF » Hierarchical Data Format Academic & Science - Ocean Science

In keeping with this goal, the HDF format, libraries and associated tools are available under a liberal, BSD-like license for general use.

HDF » Hotel-Dieu de France Medical - Hospital

"Hôtel-dieu," literally "hostel of God," is an archaic French term for hospital, referring to the origins of hospitals as religious institutions.

HDF » Horror Dark Fantasy Funny - Funny HDF stands for Horror Dark Fantasy which is created to make fun of HDF.HDF » Half Desent Females Funny - Funny HDF is a funny abbreviation of Half Desent FemalesHDF » Habonim Dror Foundation Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Habonim Dror Foundationis a NGO based in New York, United States. HDF » Haiti Development Foundation Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Haiti Development Foundation NGO is located in Albany in United States. HDF » Hereditary Disease Foundation Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Hereditary Disease Foundation NGO is located in New York in United States. HDF » Housing Development Fund Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Housing Development Fundis a NGO based in Stamford, United States. HDF » high frequency direction finding Military - Government Advertisement: high frequency direction finding term is used in military.
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HDFC HDFP HDFS HDG HDGP HDHC HDHK HDI What is the full form of HDF ? HDF can be expanded as mail code for CDER (Center for Drug Evaluation and Research)What does HDF mean? Meaning of HDF is mail code for CDER (Center for Drug Evaluation and Research) 

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