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HGC » Human Genetics Commission Medical - Human Genome Advertisement:

The Commission was abolished when quangos were reviewed by the newly elected government in October 2010.

HGC » Hercules Graphics Card Computing - Computing HGC » Human Genome Center Misc -

CHGB takes on Chinese important scientific and technological projects and impels genomics and proteomics in the world.

HGC » Harlem Gospel Choir Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Harlem Gospel Choir NGO is located in New York in United States. HGC » Hospital General de Calvillo Medical - Hospital Hospital General de Calvillo is situated in Calvillo in AGUASCALIENTES in Mexico. HGC » Hospital General de Catalunya Medical - Hospital Hospital General de Catalunya is situated in Sant Cugat in Cataluna in Spain. HGC » Hanes Geo Components Business - Construction HGC » Htoo Group of Companies Finance - Investment HGC » The Hawthorne Gardening Company Business - Firm HGC » Heritage Golf Club Sports - Firm Advertisement:
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HGCC HGCRA HGD HGDP HGDS HGE HGEB HGF What is the full form of HGC ? HGC can be expanded as Hackensack Golf ClubWhat does HGC mean? Meaning of HGC is Hackensack Golf Club 

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