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HIP » Harvest Information Program Academic & Science - Acedemic & Science Advertisement: HIP » Hot Isostatic Pressing Government - Military

The HIP process subjects a component to both elevated temperature and isostatic gas pressure in a high pressure containment vessel.

HIP » Housing Investment Programme Community - Community HIP » Host Identity Protocol Misc -

The Host Identity Protocol provides secure methods for IP multihoming and mobile computing.

HIP » Hot Isostatic Press Academic & Science - Physics HIP » HSSI Interface Processor Computing - Computer Networking HIP » Highly Individual Places Community - Community HIP » Hot Isostatic Processing Academic & Science - Physics HIP » Harlem Irving Plaza Business - Business Firm

Built on the site of a former livestock farm, Harlem Irving Plaza opened in 1956 as a 337,000-square-foot (31,300 m2) strip mall featuring approximately 45 tenants.

HIP » Historically Informed Performance Business - Business Position Advertisement:

There are some critics who contest the methodology of the HIP movement, contending that its selection of practices and aesthetics are a product of the 20th century and that it is ultimately impossible to know what performances of an earlier time sounded like.

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HIPA HIPAA HIPB HIPC HIPCOR-95 HIPCOR HIPD HIPE HIPERFLIR HIPERTENSA HIPIR HIPM HIPN HIPO What is the full form of HIP ? HIP can be expanded as hedgehog-interacting proteinWhat does HIP mean? Meaning of HIP is hedgehog-interacting protein 

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