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HIPS » Health In Primary Schools Community - School Advertisement: HIPS » Host Intrusion Prevention System Computing - Computer Security

Intrusion prevention systems are considered extensions of intrusion detection systems because they both monitor network traffic and/or system activities for malicious activity.

HIPS » High Impact Polystyrene Misc - Plasctic HIPS » History, Inspection, Palpation, Special tests Medical - Physiology HIPS » Homicide In Progress School Law - Law HIPS » Bitmap graphics (HIPS file) Computing - File Extension HIPS » Hacienda Involved Parents Staff Academic & Science - Education HIPS » Heritage Institute for Policy Studies

The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan research center which aims to inform and influence public policy and practice through field-based research, informed analysis and innovative solutions in the form of reports, policy briefs and public debates.

HIPS » High Impact Polystrene Industry - Construction More full forms :
HIU HL HLA HLC HLLA HLS HM HMC HMIPI HMNII HMO HMRC HMRI HMVC HN HNMR Hoops HOR What is the full form of HIPS ?Meaning of HIPSWhat does HIPS mean? 

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