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HMA » Housatonic Museum Of Art Community - Museum Advertisement: HMA » High Memory Area Computing - Computing HMA » Helicopter Maritime Attack Government - Military HMA » Hillstone Maintenance Association Community - Community HMA » City Hovercraft Station, Malmo, Sweden Regional - Regional Airport Code HMA » Happiest Misc -

It is of such fundamental importance to the human condition that "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" were deemed to be unalienable rights by the United States Declaration of Independence.

HMA » Heads of Medicines Agencies Misc -

The HMA co-operates with the European Medicines Agency and the European Commission (DGSANCO) in the operation of the European medicines regulatory system.

HMA » humanized monoclonal antibody Medical - Physiology

Humanized antibodies are distinct from chimeric antibodies.

HMA » Hogar Marco Antonio Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Hogar Marco Antonio NGO is located in Guatemala C.A. in Guatemala. HMA » high memory area Military - Government Advertisement: In military, high memory area is abbreviated as high memory area.
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HMAC HMAD HMANA HMAS HMAT HMAV HMB HMBC HMBT HMC What is the full form of HMA ? HMA can be expanded as Heavy Metal AlloyWhat does HMA mean? Meaning of HMA is Heavy Metal Alloy 

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