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HRI » Horticulture Research Institute Academic & Science - University Advertisement: HRI » Hotels Restaurants Institutions Business - Business Firm HRI » Horse Racing Ireland Misc -

In addition to fulfilling regulatory and promotional functions, Horse Racing Ireland owns Fairyhouse, Leopardstown, Navan and Tipperary racecourses.

HRI » Human Misc -

Modern humans (Homo sapiens or Homo sapiens sapiens) are the only extant members of the hominin clade, a branch of great apes characterized by erect posture and bipedal locomotion; manual dexterity and increased tool use; and a general trend toward larger, more complex brains and societies.

HRI » Harm Reduction International Misc -

Following the success of the first International Harm Reduction Conference, an annual International Harm Reduction Conference was held in a different country each year.

HRI » Human Rights Internet Organization - Non-Governmental Organization HRI stands for Human Rights Internet NGO which is situated in Ottawa in Canada. HRI » Horticulture Research International Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Horticulture Research Internationalis a NGO based in Wellesbourne in United Kingdom. HRI » IBA Human Rights Institute Organization - Non-Governmental Organization HRI stands for IBA Human Rights Institute NGO, located in London, United Kingdom. HRI » horizontal requirements integration Military - Government In military, horizontal requirements integration is abbreviated as horizontal requirements integration. HRI » Hunger Reduction International Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Advertisement: HRI stands for Hunger Reduction International NGO which is situated in Sheikh in Somalia.
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HRIM HRIS HRJ HRK HRL HRLP HRLU What is the full form of HRI ? HRI can be expanded as Center for Human Rights PolicyWhat does HRI mean? Meaning of HRI is Center for Human Rights Policy 

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