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ILF » Ilford, Manitoba, Canada Regional - Regional Airport Code Advertisement: ILF » Intelligent Life Forms Government - NASA ILF » Independent Living Fund Misc -

It is run as a non-departmental public body with an office in Nottingham and about 120 staff.

ILF » International Lifecare Foundation Organization - Non-Governmental Organization NGO International Lifecare Foundation may be abbreviated as ILF which is located in P.O. Box 20077 ABA, Nigeria. ILF » infra low frequency Military - Government ILF stands for infra low frequency in military. ILF » inductive loss factor Military - Government ILF may be used in military operations which means inductive loss factor. ILF » Independent Law Firm Firm - Law ILF » Immigration Law Firm Organization - Law ILF » International Lifeline Fund Business - Firm ILF » The International Legal Foundation Firm - Law Advertisement:
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ILFA ILFB ILFM ILG ILGA ILGF ILGS ILGWU ILH ILHY ILI What is the full form of ILF ? ILF can be expanded as ING Real Estate Community Living Group FundWhat does ILF mean? Meaning of ILF is ING Real Estate Community Living Group Fund 

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