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IME » Independent medical examiner Medical - Physiology Advertisement: IME » Input Method Editor Computing - Computer Software IME » Independent Medical Examination Medical - Physiology IME » I Mother Earth Media - Media IME » Independent Medical Evaluation Medical - Physiology IME » Immigration Medical Examination Government - US Government IME » Institution of Mechanical Engineers Business - Professional Organizations

The Institution was founded at the Queen's Hotel, Birmingham, by George Stephenson in 1847 and received a Royal Charter in 1930.

IME » International Materiel Evaluation Government - Military IME » I'm More Employable Internet - Internet Slang IME » Input method editors Misc - Advertisement:

For instance, on the computer, this allows the user of Latin keyboards to input Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indic characters; on many hand-held devices, such as mobile phones, it enables using the numeric keypad to enter Latin alphabet characters (or any other alphabet characters) or a screen display to be touched to do so.

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IMEA IMEC IMED IMEI IMEN IMEP IMER IMET IMETS-E IMEZ IMF What is the full form of IME ? IME can be expanded as International Magnetospheric ExplorerWhat does IME mean? Meaning of IME is International Magnetospheric Explorer 

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