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IOS » International Outsourcing Services Business - International Business Advertisement: IOS » Internet Operating System Computing - Computer Networking IOS » International Organization for Standardization Business - Business IOS » Input Output System Computing - Computing IOS » Institute of Ocean Sciences Academic & Science - Ocean Science IOS » Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Academic & Science - Ocean Science IOS » Independent On Sunday Misc -

Originally a broadsheet newspaper, the newspaper has been published in a tabloid or "compact" format since 2003.

IOS » iPhone Operating System Computing - Computer Software

iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc.

IOS » International Organization for Standardization Business - Business The International Organisation for Standardization is an international standard which is composed from vary national standards organizations. Founded: 23Feb,1947
Headquarters: Geneva,Switzerland
Languages: English,French and Russian The organization promotes industrial and commercial standards all over the world.It is an non-goverment organization as well as independent also.It facilitates trade between the contries by providing common standards.
ISO is derived from Greek isos having equal meaning as it would have different acronyms in different languages(IOS in English,OIN in French for Organisation internationale de normalisation),its founders decided to give it short form ISO.ISO is a voluntary organisation whose members are recorgnized on standadrs,each one representing one country.International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)with which the ISO organization has formed joint committees in the areas of electrical,electronic and technologies to develop standards and terminology.It has 163 national members,out of 206 countries in the world.
IOS » Ilheus airport Regional - Regional Airport Code Advertisement: IOS is an IATA code of Ilheus airport in Brazil.
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ING IGR IRJ ILO ISG ITM IZO IKI IWO IDCF IWNUTI IDDP IDSAOU IACG IACERHRG i.e What is the full form of IOS ? IOS can be expanded as Ilheus airportWhat does IOS mean? Meaning of IOS is Ilheus airport 

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