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LISA » Laser Interferometer Space Antenna Government - NASA Advertisement:

The LISA project was previously a joint effort between the United States space agency NASA and the European Space Agency ESA.

LISA » Library And Information Science Abstracts Academic & Science - Education LISA » Large Installation System Administration Computing - Computer Networking LISA » Local Integrated Software Architecture Computing - Computing LISA » Local Indicators of Spatial Association Academic & Science - Physics

Global spatial autocorrelation is a measure of the overall clustering of the data.

LISA » Liquid Information Speaking Assistant Funny - Funny LISA » Leading Interconnect Systems Approach Academic & Science - Ocean Science LISA » London International Schools Association Academic & Science - Education LISA » Linguistic Intelligent Synthetic Agent Computing - Computing LISA » Leasing Information And Service Assistant Business - Business Position Advertisement:
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LISC LISCR LISD LISL LISN LISP LISREL LISS LISSA LIST LISTEN LISW What is the full form of LISA ? LISA can be expanded as LHC–Local Health Community IM&T–Information Management and Technology Self AssessmentWhat does LISA mean? Meaning of LISA is LHC–Local Health Community IM&T–Information Management and Technology Self Assessment 

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