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NCF » National Capital Freenet Internet - Internet Advertisement:

National Capital FreeNet (NCF) (French: Libertel de la Capitale Nationale), is a non-profit community organization internet service provider, with the goal of linking people in Canada's capital of Ottawa and ensuring no Ottawa citizens would be excluded from internet access.

NCF » Nurses Christian Fellowship Religion - Religious NCF » Netware Command File Computing - Computer Software NCF » National Center for Fathering Organization - Non-Profit Organization NCF » National Cristina Foundation Sports - Sports NCF » Nathan Cummings Foundation Organization - Non-Profit Organization

In his lifetime, Cummings made contributions to hospitals, universities, and the arts.

NCF » National Crime Faculty Government - Police NCF » National Competency Framework Government - Police NCF » Netware Configuration File Computing - Computer Software NCF » National Control Facility Government - Transportation Advertisement:
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