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SGL » Sydney Gamers League Sports - Sports Advertisement: SGL » Subsidiary General Ledger Business - Accounting SGL » Strategic Global Income Fund, Inc. Business - NYSE Symbol SGL » Super God Like Internet - Internet Slang SGL » Swing- Guard Lockback Medical - Laboratory SGL » Strategic Global Income Fund, Inc. Business - NASDAQ Symbol SGL is a NASDAQ symbol of Strategic Global Income Fund, Inc. in the listing. Since its IPO listing from 1992 the market share of SGL has grew to $150.82 million till mid 2015.SGL » Super God Like Internet - Internet Slang SGL means Super God Like which is an internet slang.SGL » small group leader Military - Government In military, small group leader is abbreviated as small group leader. SGL » standard general ledger Military - Government standard general ledger term is used in military. SGL » Slater and Gordon Lawyers Organization - Law Advertisement:
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SGLA SGLB SGLD SGLI SGLR SGLS SGLT SGLT2 What is the full form of SGL ? SGL can be expanded as Surface Gridding LibraryWhat does SGL mean? Meaning of SGL is Surface Gridding Library 

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