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SIL » Summer Institute of Linguistics. International - African Advertisement:

The organization was founded by Presbyterian minister William Cameron Townsend, an American missionary to Guatemala where he worked among the Kaqchikel Maya people.

SIL » South Iceland Lowland Regional - Regional SIL » Systems Integration Lab Academic & Science - Electronics SIL » Summer Institute Of Linguistics Academic & Science - Education SIL » Summer Institute of Linguistics International - African SIL » Sister In Law Business - Business Position SIL » Safety Integrity Level Government - NASA

The requirements for a given SIL are not consistent among all of the functional safety standards.

SIL » Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion Medical - Physiology SIL » Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion Medical - Oncology SIL » Apex Silver Mines, LTD. Business - AMEX Symbol Advertisement:
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SILAA SILAC SILC SILF SILFI SILK SILLY SILO SILP SILS What is the full form of SIL ? SIL can be expanded as Sound Interference LevelWhat does SIL mean? Meaning of SIL is Sound Interference Level 

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