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STTP » Save The Turtles of Parismina Organization - Non-Governmental Organization Advertisement: Save The Turtles of Parisminais a NGO based in Santa Rosa, United States. STTP » Speak Truth to Power Organization - Non-Governmental Organization STTP stands for Speak Truth to Power NGO which is situated in New York in United States. STTP » small target test program Military - Government STTP may be used in military operations which means small target test program. STTP » Strategic Transport Technology Plan Misc - STTP » Short Term Training Program Misc - STTP » Syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses des postes Misc - STTP » Short Term Trainee Position Misc - STTP » Special Teacher Training Programme Misc - STTP » Syndicat des Misc - STTP » Straight to the Point Misc - Advertisement:
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STTR STTS STTX STTY STU What is the full form of STTP ? STTP can be expanded as Secure Token Transfer ProtocolWhat does STTP mean? Meaning of STTP is Secure Token Transfer Protocol 

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