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TBB » TüRkiye Barolar Birligi International - Turkish Advertisement: TBB » Transbronchial Biopsy Medical - Physiology TBB » Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sports - Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (often shortened as the Bucs) are a professional American football franchise based in Tampa, Florida.

TBB » Terminal Bus Bar Academic & Science - Electronics TBB » Teenie Beanie Babies Hobbies - Hobby

The Teenie Beanies were most in demand from McDonald's in the first year they were offered, and declined in popularity every year thereafter, even though more were produced each time.

TBB » Triangle Brass Band Community - Music TBB » Thee Birdie Bordello Business - Business Firm TBB » The Breakfast Bunch Community - Community TBB » Total Bike Bits Sports - Sports TBB » Tillamook Bay Basin Academic & Science - Geology Advertisement:
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TBBT TBBTBB TBC What is the full form of TBB ? TBB can be expanded as TüRkiye Barolar BirligiWhat does TBB mean? Meaning of TBB is TüRkiye Barolar Birligi 

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