What does TQL stand for?

TQL have more than multiple meanings and one must understand the context of the text to pick out the correct definition of TQL. Out of its multiple usage, TQL can be used in any of the following field(s):

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All the possible full forms of TQL are provided below with meaning and definition. User can also visit each expanded form to read detailed definition of TQL and its example usage.

TQL » The Quake Lobsterz Sports - Sports Advertisement: TQL » Total Quality Lacking Business - Business Product TQL » total quality leadership Military - Government TQL stands for total quality leadership in military. TQL » Total Quality Logistics Industry - Logistics TQL » Talent Quest Ltd Industry - Manpower TQL » Time Quantum Ltd Business - IT TQL » Total Quality Liners Misc - TQL » Total Quality Lackey Business - Business Position More full forms :
TQM TQMB TQMD TQN TQP TQPF TQQ TQR TQRS TQSE TQT TQTM What is the full form of TQL ? TQL can be expanded as Total Quality LackeyWhat does TQL mean? Meaning of TQL is Total Quality Lackey 

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