What does WOSC stand for?

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WOSC » World Organization of Systems and Cybernetics Computing - Computing Advertisement: WOSC » West Omaha Soccer Club Sports - Sports WOSC » Warrant Officer Staff College Military - Government Warrant Officer Staff College term is used in military. WOSC » Western Oklahoma State College Education - Institution WOSC » West Ottawa Soccer Club Sports - Firm WOSC » Washington Outpatient Surgery Center Medical - Organization WOSC » Warrant Officer Senior Course Military - WOSC » World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics Academic & Science - Electronics More full forms :
WOSD WOSE WOSH WOSI WOSJ WOSL WOSM WOSN WOSO WOSP WOSR WOSS WOSSA WOST WOSV WOSY WOT What is the full form of WOSC ? WOSC can be expanded as World Organisation of Systems and CyberneticsWhat does WOSC mean? Meaning of WOSC is World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics 

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